EV Bolt, photo by Stacey Meinzen

The climate emergency is getting worse each day. Yet, California state officials are not moving fast enough to decarbonize the state’s passenger-vehicle fleet and protect communities from pollution.

Governor Newsom’s recent executive order does not end the sale of petroleum vehicles until 2035, which is too late for meeting California’s own climate goals. And it does not address harmful emissions from petroleum cars that will be sold until then.

80 groups have joined a letter urging Governor Newsom to direct the California Air Resources Board to:

  1. Require 100% zero-emission vehicle sales by 2030 and a minimum 7% decrease in emissions each year from petroleum cars in the meantime.
  2. Create good jobs and ensure low-income communities of color benefit equitably from the transition.
  3. Start new clean car standards as soon as possible, no later than model year 2024.

Join these groups in urging Governor Newsom to take these important steps immediately.

As the world’s fifth-largest economy, California must lead the way to decarbonize the passenger-vehicle fleet at the speed required by science and justice.