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On the Road with the Climate Ride

It Starts with a Revolution – Sun 9/9

Starting out the ride today I couldn’t find words for what I was feeling. I think that’s the definition of having your mind blown. 

After breaking camp, 162 riders rolled out of the campground and started the five-day ride to San Francisco. One turn of the wheel and we were on our way. We headed into the hills along the Eel River and quickly got to one of the most spectacular places on the planet – the Avenue of the Giants. We rode the full 31-mile length of the world’s largest grove of giant redwoods, then over a pass to Richardson’s Grove, the site of tonight’s camp. 

My knees are sore, which is not a good sign on Day One. I adjusted my cleats and will hope that does the trick. 

At the risk of sounding sappy, I will say even more beautiful than the redwoods is the spirit of this large group of people determined to do something to deal with climate change.

  – Brad Heavner

These Trees Are Big – Sun 9/9

This tree spent a thousand years growing, then one day I rode past.

Amazing – Mon 9/10

I had such an amazing ride today!!!  I’m tired though. I’m looking forward to riding 66 miles tomorrow.

– Jazzy Jolly

Hello Pacific Ocean – Mon 9/10

Made it to the coast today after riding through the trees of Humboldt and Mendocino for a day and a half. Beautiful. 

Second to last out of camp this morning.  Felt no need to hurry, but then the sweep van was nipping at my heels. Caught up to a bunch of riders at the first water stop, then promptly took a wrong turn and wound up behind everyone all over again. Made it to camp with plenty of daylight, though. 

Knees are holding together. All hail Lord Ibuprofen. 

   – Brad Heavner

Long Day, Tired Legs – Tues 9/11

This was the one 100-mile day on the ride. I tried to get out of camp early but somehow didn’t manage to do so. This meant I had to race from stop to stop in order to make the time cuts and not get put in one of the vans, especially since I had to make a lot of phone calls setting up special events for tomorrow. 

You’d think riding along the coast most of the day the terrain would be flat, but it was up and down the whole way. After burning myself out, I planted myself behind a bicycle racer from Montana who broke the wind for me for about 15 miles. I recovered and finished surprisingly strong. 

Swapped saddles with someone today just because every seat hits your butt in slightly different spots. Better to have all of your sit bones sore than one spot in total pain. 

It’s inspiring to hear everyone’s stories. What an amazing group of people – engineers, architects, entrepreneurs, and of course a lot of non-profit advocates. People driven by a mission. 

We’re in Sonoma County now and tomorrow will be on familiar roads. Two more days to San Francisco. 

   – Brad Heavner

A Cool 55 – Wed 9/12

Only like 55 miles today… YAY!

  – Jazzy Jolly

Beautiful and Gorgeous – Wed 9/12

Yesterday was beautiful. One gorgeous view after another. Meeting amazing people doing amazing things to make our world a better place. Hope to see everyone today at Ragle Ranch Park at noon today. Life is good. 

   – Amy Jolly

Rolling by the Bay – Wed 9/12

Tomales Bay never looked so good. It was absolutely magical. Or maybe it was just the tailwind. One way or another I was flying. 

Thanks to everyone who came out to Ragle Park to support us, including Sonoma County Supervisor Shirlee Zane. 

One thing that amazes me is that I’ve been riding for four days over hundreds of miles and I haven’t had a single flat tire. I know I’m jinxing Day Five by saying that, but what the hell – what am I going to do with all these spare tubes?

Gotta thank our sponsors.  Wouldn’t be riding without them.

  • Friedman’s Hardware 
  • Clone Printing 
  • Russian River Brewing Co 
  • Bicycle Czar 
  • KB Homes 
  • A’Roma Roasters

San Francisco tomorrow. Big rally at city hall at the end. 

   – Brad Heavner

Crossing the Bridge – Thurs 9/13

The morning of Day 3 my legs were yelling at me. The evening of Day 4 my left knee had sharp pain. But on Day 5 when I pedaled across the Golden Gate Bridge after a 320-mile journey from Humboldt, I wanted to go right back and do the whole thing again. I can’t think of that moment without tears welling up in my eyes. It was incredibly exhilarating.

I’m really proud of everyone who made the trip. I enjoyed getting to know most of them a little bit. From all walks of life and many areas of the country. Most of them not intense cyclists. The scene at San Francisco City Hall was jubilant, to say the least.

I shot a lot of video clips along the way, so look for Climate Ride-The Movie coming soon.

Climate Ride will be granting $450,000 this year to groups that address climate change. They did a spectacular job producing this ride and its East Coast companion. Thank you, Climate Ride staff.

Who wants to ride next year?

  – Brad Heavner