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Do You Have EV Envy?

by Niki Woodard   |  September 30, 2015


Do you have EV Envy? I sure do.
Having recently paid off my car, I’m working to keep my envy at bay, which is
difficult when part of your job description is to tout the benefits of electric
vehicles. They’re so quiet and good-looking and zoomy. They are cheaper over
the long-term, and often in the short-term. And most importantly,
they shave off a huge chunk of any individual’s carbon footprint.

If you haven’t seen our EV envy
campaign on Facebook, head on over and check it out. If you’re an EV
driver, we invite you to submit to us a picture of your EV pride to stir up
some more EV envy. Let’s make it a frenzy. Or feel free to share your sad face of EV envy as well.

There are many recent developments making it easy to go electric:

  • A renewable-energy hydrogen fuel cell
     was just approved in Rohnert Park
  • The
    California building code was recently updated to require all new residences to be EV-ready
  • Sonoma Clean Power provides local,
    renewable energy (and other Community Choice programs are emerging throughout
    California), and even a 100% renewable option, Evergreen
  • Costs of EV’s are going down and choice in EV’s are going up.

practically no reason not to go electric with your next car purchase.

If we can transform 50% of the nation’s
vehicle miles from gas to electric by 2050, greenhouse gases can plunge
77 percent

So, I ask again, do you have EV
envy? If not, maybe you should.


Niki Woodard is the Communications & Marketing Director for The Climate Center. She longs to be powered by the sun.