Transform grief and outrage, but how?

Are you feeling grief, outrage, or both? Please join us and use these feelings as fuel to create something powerful and positive.

How? One word: Solutions.

Let’s spread clean energy solutions that create jobs, stabilize energy prices, and offer an alternative model that gives power to the people.

The Climate Center has solutions that do just this.

Please click on the links below to learn more about the powerful impacts of our solutions. To support these solutions, click here.

Clean Energy  •  Transportation   •  Youth Leadership   •  Business for Clean Energy

Ann Hancock
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  1. Asher Sheppard
    Asher Sheppard says:

    Less than 2 weeks after you wrote, your tone is even more perfectly pitched. Thanks.
    Solution-oriented efforts will be the focus of the program at Congregation Shomrei Torah on Saturday, Feb. 25 at 7:00 pm.
    Please save the date.
    We’ll be showing the file, “Catching the Sun” (available on Netflix) as a stimulus to wrapping together local action, local entrepreneurship, local political action, and a bigger push on getting energy from the only ultimate source on Earth for over 4.5billion years, the Sun.

  2. Bruce Naegel
    Bruce Naegel says:

    This is a start. The solution set involves moving to clean energy and showing that it is now the economic choice, not just the ecological one. Getting more backing for the work done by Mark Jacobson and the Solutions Project is part of it. Another part is seeing what the costs that others are putting on the switch to a clean future. Is some of this cost the decrease in the stock value of fossil fuel companies as they can no longer sell all of their fuel assets?

    Yes we need to celebrate solutions. We also need to celebrate those providing clarity like Katharine Hayhoe who is an evangelical Christian and a climate scientist.

    • Asher Sheppard
      Asher Sheppard says:

      Thanks for this post. Yes, easier to move to cleaner energy when it’s not only necessary, morally right, and the way of the future, but also economical. I don’t know that the markets have begun to discount the value of the fossil fuel industry because their apparent wealth is increasingly in stranded assets. If not yet, then it’ll happen soon. The new administration may bellow against the future for a while, but the future is inevitable.
      It’s good to know that people like Katharine Kayhoe are getting a critical message out in her community that can seem far away from “liberal California,” but as she observes, it’s really about loving relationships among us all on Earth. Likewise, kudos to you and others involved in solutions instead of hand wringing. Much to do, eh?


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