The million-mile battery is coming. Here’s why it matters

by David Ferris, E&E News


  • Tesla, General Motors, and Contemporary Amperex Technology are attempting to make car batteries that can last one million miles
  • The batteries have been tested in labs, but have not been manufactured and tested
  • Electric vehicles could hypothetically last forever with the advent of this ultra-long range battery
  • However, many factors such as temperature, frequent charging, and age all still play a role in how well the battery lasts over time
  • EV’s last much longer than traditional combustion engine vehicles and require less maintenance
  • Long-range vehicles could be utilized most by ride-hailing services such as Uber or Lyft since cars used in this industry face more servicing needs
  • Batteries could be utilized to shift renewable energy from one part of the day to another

The Climate Center’s Climate-Safe California campaign calls for investments and bold policies to support clean mobility, including a phase-out of all gas-powered vehicles.

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