The Climate Center Delegation: COP27 Events

Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

Press Conferences

 (All located in Luxor, Room 2, Area B)

  • Weds. Nov 9, 16:00, press conference, Natural Carbon Sequestration: California’s new law and what it means for equity and climate; with State Assemblymember Cristina Garcia; and Ellie Cohen, The Climate Center 
  • Thurs. Nov 10, 16:00, press conference, Vehicle-to-Grid: How EVs can keep the power on! with Cliff Rechtshaffen, California Public Utilities Commission; Siva Gunda, California Energy Commission; and Kurt Johnson, The Climate Center
  • Fri. Nov 11, 16:00, press conference, Carbon negative and equity positive by 2035 in California, with Professor Dan Kammen, UC Berkeley; and Vince Wiraatmadja, The Climate Center
  • Mon. Nov. 14, 16:00, press conference, California’s climate progress in 2022 and what’s next, with State Senator John Laird, Chair, Senate Climate Working Group

Wed. Nov. 16, press conference, to be determined, with State Assemblymember Matt Haney

Side Event — The Power Grid for the Future

Saturday, November 12, 15:00

(Located at UNFCCC Side Event Room #8)

Experience from California and Around the World, with Siva Gunda, CEC Vice Chair; Ron Benioff, National Renewable Energy Laboratory; Professor Dan Kammen, UC Berkeley; and, Ellie Cohen, The Climate Center

This session will showcase experiences in building the decarbonized and decentralized Grid for the Future through innovation, peer learning, and the power of collaboration. Our speakers will highlight California’s leadership in driving power sector innovation, discuss how those and other lessons can and are being applied in Africa and elsewhere, accelerating the pace of clean energy adoption and grid innovation. This session is co-organized by The Climate Center, The Global Power System Transformation Consortium (G-PST) and the Global Climate Action Partnership (GCAP).

Click here for an event flyer (pdf).

Coffee & Conversation

Tuesday, November 15, 9:30 – 10:30 am

(Located at Global Council for Science & the Environment Pavilion, P 63, Area C)

Join The Climate Center & Global Council for Science and the Environment for a California Climate Coffee — an informal discussion with California legislators who helped pass a raft of progressive climate legislation and an unprecedented $54 billion in climate funding.

With State Senator John Laird, Chair of the Senate Climate Working Group, and State Senator Bob Wieckowski

About The Climate Center

We’re working to rapidly reduce climate pollution at scale, starting in California. Since 2001, The Climate Center has been a leader in making climate solutions a reality in California at speed and scale. We are a think-tank, do-tank working to turn bold ideas into accelerated, equitable climate policy for a climate-safe future.

Our Vision

We believe in thriving, healthy communities. We envision a future where everyone in California enjoys clean air and water, renewable and reliable energy, healthy food, thriving nature, and more. California has the tools and know-how to make this vision a reality — if our elected leaders act with the urgency the climate crisis demands.

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Climate-Safe California

As goes California, goes the world. California, the fifth largest economy in the world, can remove more climate pollution than we emit by 2030. The solutions exist. We just need the political will. Through our collaborative Climate-Safe California campaign, we work to achieve carbon negative and equity positive by 2030 while inspiring others to pursue accelerated, equitable climate action. 

To secure a safe, healthy, and prosperous future for all, we work to (1) phase out oil and gas while dramatically increasing deployment of renewable energy, (2) invest in resilient communities, (3) scale up natural carbon sequestration and other natural climate solutions, and (4) fund climate action. Together, we will rein in climate pollution while creating thousands of jobs and a more equitable clean energy economy.

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