The Center will offer another inspiring gathering based on October’s success

On October 11th we celebrated with about 100 of the Center’s supporting partners at the Charles Schulz Museum.

Ann Hancock and Adam Hochschild

Ann Hancock and Adam Hochschild

After refreshments, mingling, and a welcome from Jeannie Schulz,  Adam Hochschild, author of Bury the Chains gave an inspiring talk about the movement that abolished slavery in the British Empire. Abolishing slavery seemed impossible at the time, just as solving the climate crisis and ending the reign of fossil fuels seems impossible now.

About the evening Michael Stusser wrote, “I am so uplifted and revived by the wonderful event you hosted last night. The camaraderie, hope, and vision was off the charts. I left feeling we can do this…Thanks so much for putting that together and doing all that you do! I am so proud and excited to be a part of it.”

Because guests loved this gathering so much, we are organizing another. A unique speaker (we can’t say who yet) will address the flaw in perception at the root of the climate crisis, and will provide guests with an experience that reorients their view of themselves and their power.

Seating for this special event is limited to 100 guests, and will be offered to those who donate a minimum of $200 toward our match or become a sustainer at $20 or more per month.





Ann Hancock
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  1. Kristien Lerfald
    Kristien Lerfald says:

    What about those of us who can’t afford the fee of admission but who are dedicated climate change supporters and would like to attend , support and get further educated ,? Is there a place for us as well ?
    Thanks for listening!
    Kristien Lerfald

    • Stacey Meinzen
      Stacey Meinzen says:

      Kristen, thank you for asking and yes! We schedule a variety of gatherings throughout the year for our supporters, with some free events in the mix.

      If you are not already on our enews list, I highly recommend signing up:

      and we’ll keep you posted or if you like us on Facebook,

      we will keep you apprised when events come up.

      Thanks for reaching out!

      Stacey Meinzen
      Communications Manager
      The Climate Center
      707.484.1815 mobile


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