Every three years, the Department of Finance works with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and other agencies to update and submit the Cap-and-Trade Auction Investment Plan to the state legislature. This plan identifies priority investments to help California achieve its greenhouse gas emission reduction goals while providing additional health, economic, and environmental benefits. 

The draft plan recommendations, which will be sent to state lawmakers in January 2022, come as California faces the most severe, prolonged drought in our state’s history. 

It’s critical that this plan emphasizes urban and agricultural water efficiency investment as a key strategy for achieving the state’s mitigation, adaptation, and equity goals, especially considering the continued emergency drought conditions facing California. We are calling for a more robust set of water-related actions to be added to the draft plan’s funding priorities.

Recent studies by UC Berkeley Professor Dr. Dan Kammen, Pacific Institute, and UC Davis Professor Dr. Frank Loge show that improving water efficiency and conservation can significantly reduce climate pollution. Longer periods of extreme heat, which many Californians are already experiencing, create feedback challenges for water and energy management that can ramp up emissions. Extreme heat is also a growing threat to lives and livelihoods across the state, especially for vulnerable communities. 

Send a letter to CARB Chair Liane M. Randolph today to ensure that urban and agricultural water efficiency is emphasized as a key climate solution in the Cap-and-Trade Auction Investment Plan! Then, share this action within your networks to keep the pressure on.