The Arctic’s thawing ground is releasing a shocking amount of dangerous gases

by Craig Welch, National Geographic


Abrupt thaw, the accelerated melting of permafrost, is releasing GHGs in the arctic:

  • New studies on abrupt thaw suggest that permafrost will play a more significant role in GHG emissions than previously believed . However, it’s affects are small compared to the burning of fossil fuels throughout the world
  • The warming of ice and arctic grounds will cause changes in landscape which can result in more moisture being released, more water bodies forming, and ultimately, the release of methane previously trapped in the land 
  • Previous IPCC assessments haven’t incorporated permafrost emissions in their reports; accelerating the need to meet emissions targets at a faster rate

Because of the alarming climate impacts we are experiencing much earlier than expected, The Climate Center supports carbon neutrality by 2030 and net negative emissions by 2035. Find more information on accelerating timelines for rapid decarbonization here.

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