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New climate warnings in old permafrost

Permafrost in Herschel Island by Boris Radosavljevic

by Bob Berwyn, Inside Climate News  Highlights A new study in Science Advances says that only a few degrees of warming is needed for large scale permafrost thawing, which would release methane and carbon dioxide that has been trapped in the frost  The permafrost regions of the arctic hold more carbon dioxide than the Earth’s … Read more

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Melting permafrost in record heat in Arctic damages Russia’s oil & gas network causing oil spill

NPS Climate Change Response NPS Photo (C.Ciancibelli)

by Chanan Bos, Clean Technica Highlights Many of Russia’s oil wells are built on permafrost, a layer of frozen soil, sand, and gravel. This permafrost is now melting quickly, jeopardizing the country’s oil supplies and accelerating climate change The permafrost these oil wells are built on is considered contiguous, meaning it stays frozen for thousands … Read more

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The Arctic’s thawing ground is releasing a shocking amount of dangerous gases

Slump D is a massive retrogressive thaw slump on Herschel island, by Boris Radosavljevic found at https://flickr.com/photos/139918543@N06/24531601650

by Craig Welch, National Geographic Highlights: Abrupt thaw, the accelerated melting of permafrost, is releasing GHGs in the arctic: New studies on abrupt thaw suggest that permafrost will play a more significant role in GHG emissions than previously believed . However, it’s affects are small compared to the burning of fossil fuels throughout the world … Read more