Paris has a plan to keep cars out after lockdown

By Feargus O’Sullivan, City Lab Highlights Anne Hildago, Mayor of Paris, France, wants to limit the use of cars once the city lifts its lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Mayor Hildago notes that poor air quality can lead to an increased risk for fatal effects of COVID-19: “It will make the health crisis worse. … Read more

The Forks in the Road after the Paris Agreement

by Mike Sandler Without a doubt, the Paris Agreement is historic. It provides some much-needed relief to the UN process and the leaders of the world who suffered a major setback after the UN’s Copenhagen breakdown in 2009. It lets a term-limited President of the United States claim to have set laudably ambitious goals, and … Read more

Mike Sandler to represent The Climate Center in Paris

by The Climate Center & Mike Sandler The Climate Center and the Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability (based in the UK and Ireland) are co-sponsoring a side event at the international climate change conference in Paris hosted by the United Nations known as COP-21. The side event will introduce CapGlobalCarbon (, a citizen’s movement … Read more