Click, Click, Emit—The carbon cost of online shopping

by Maxine Joselow, E&E News

Thinking of ordering a holiday gift online? You might pause to consider the environmental impact of getting that product to your doorstep. Inc. and other companies are making it easier than ever to shop for the holidays. With one click of a button, you can have an item sent right to your doorstep, sometimes even with free next-day shipping.

But hidden behind this straightforward process is a big climate toll, said environmental and public health experts—the daily rumble of thousands of delivery trucks fanning out across the country.

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Finland has an app showing shopping’s true carbon footprint

by Kati Pohjanpalo, Bloomberg

Shoppers will soon be able to work out the true carbon footprint of their purchases thanks to an app from one of the most digitally savvy nations in the world.

Unlike other carbon-footprint calculators already on the market, the application developed by Enfuce Financial Services Oy, a Finnish payment services provider, does not rely on users inputting the data manually. Instead, it combines data from credit cards and banks with purchase data from retailers to provide real-time calculations of how a given product affects the climate.

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