Meet Bronwyn Simmons – our new intern

My name is Bronwyn Simmons, and I go to school at Bard College, where I’m studying international affairs. I’m interested in all kinds of activism, as well as investigative journalism. On campus, I’m involved in many activist groups, including the Sunrise Movement. Our Sunrise Movement chapter is involved in pushing local politicians to back radical climate policies and pledge to stop taking fossil fuel money. Our message is one of urgency and necessary direct action to save the planet from the catastrophic effects of the climate crisis. I’ve spoken at various climate events, organized and attended protests to prompt legislators to act, and taught others about the importance of vocal political pressure in the face of the dangerous world young people are met with. The Sunrise Movement is the largest and fastest growing environmental movement in the country, fueled by young people.

I also volunteer with the nonprofit Kiss the Ground, which is dedicated to spreading the benefits of regenerative agriculture as a means of carbon sequestration and healthy soil. Conventional farming emits enormous amounts of greenhouse gases and desertifies our lands at an alarming rate, but regenerative agriculture reverses these trends and promises the mitigation of global warming and enough food to feed the world far into the future. Kiss the Ground works with farmers, students, and activists to make change in way we treat the soil.

Unfortunately, our elected leaders and governments have failed us; they have displayed a desire to promote the interests of the oil and gas lobby and the big businesses of capitalism, which exploit nature and lead to environmental harm, rather than the well-being of their constituents and the earth. This political corruption and the attacks on the planet must be stopped if the people of my generation want a liveable future. Working with politicians and special interest groups to push for climate-positive policies is a required step forward. This is why I am interning at The Climate Center.

The Climate Center welcomes new interns

by Amy Jolly, The Climate Center  |  Nov. 6, 2015

The Climate Center is happy to introduce our team of
interns for the fall.


Daniel Settlemyer is a senior at Sonoma State
University, studying Energy Management and Design. He is working on a variety
of projects at CCP, including research on feasible locations for photovoltaic
parking structures as well as other solar and renewable energy projects. He is
also doing research and providing technical support for ECO2school’s
Upstream Portfolio application, correlating the health and wellness of youth
with the adoption of alternative transportation habits.

Martina Schnitzler is a senior at Sonoma State
University, studying Environmental Studies and Planning. CCP has partnered with the Sonoma County Spare
the Air Resources Team to bring Clean Commute Fairs to large businesses
interested in encouraging alternative commute options for their employees.
Martina is researching clean commute options, reaching out to businesses, and
coordinating events. She is an avid user of active, alternative
transportation. In her own words, “We are currently a car-centric society,
building our communities around accessibility for cars. We need to create transit-oriented
development that allows us to perform our daily activities without the use of carbon-intensive cars.”

Samantha Hayman, a senior at Windsor High School, has joined the Youth Advisory
Board. For her senior project, she is upgrading the bike generator, a demonstration bike that illuminates light bulbs as you pedal. Riders
can experience the different amount of energy needed to power old-fashioned
incandescent bulbs and high efficiency LED bulbs. She will make improvements to the bike, adding energy gauges to clarify our energy use message. Her enjoyment of
service learning and her interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and
Mathematics) education makes here a perfect fit here at the Center for Climate
Protection. Samantha is working with long-time CCP supporter and board member
Jim McGreen on her project.

Amy Jolly is the Youth Leadership Implementation Manager at the
The Climate Center. She runs the ECO2school program and the Youth
Advisory Board, in addition to coordinating intern projects and activities.