Indonesia’s Jokowi warns of economic calamity from forest fires

by Arys Aditya and Yoga Rusmana, Bloomberg


  • Wildfires in Indonesia prompted school closures and disruptions to ocean and air travel last year, which may have cost Indonesia $5.2 billion in economic losses
  • An estimated 709 million tons of carbon dioxide was released due to last years fire season
  • Indonesian President Jokowi ordered a permanent ban on forest clearing for farming after determining it was the main cause of major forest fires

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It’s not just Australia — Indonesia is facing its own climate disaster

by Rachel Ramirez, Grist

It’s not just Australia that’s having a rough start to the new year. Indonesia’s sinking capital of Jakarta and the surrounding areas have been inundated with rain, triggering landslides and floods that have killed dozens of people.

As of Tuesday, the torrential downpours have left at least 67 people dead as rising waters deluged more than 180 neighborhoods and landslides buried at least a dozen Indonesians. Search missions for survivors are still ongoing, and officials say the death toll is expected to rise as more bodies are found.

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