Senate Bill 99 Update:

On August 26, 2021, SB 99 stalled in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. This was a surprising decision, given that the bill had received unanimous, bipartisan support in the Senate and the Assembly Utilities and Energy Committee, while also receiving the backing of more than 50 leading climate, environmental, and local government organizations.

The bill was championed by Senator Bill Dodd. Please take a moment to thank him for his leadership using the form on this page. Our champions need to know that we’ve got their backs!

Power outages during 2020 and 2019 cost the California economy billions and are expected to continue. In response, homeowners, businesses, and utilities have been rapidly investing in new fossil fuel generators, primarily diesel, which compromise air quality and increase greenhouse gas emissions. SB 99 offered a better way forward, creating a technical assistance and grant program to support local governments in developing community energy resilience plans, prioritizing state support for the most vulnerable communities.

The Climate Center remains committed to creating a clean, affordable, resilient, equitable, and safe electricity system for all Californians, and we look forward to working with our allies to advance Community Energy Resilience legislation in 2022. 

We thank our hundreds of supporters who urged their state representatives to support SB 99 this year. The groundwork you’ve laid will help us break the logjam in Sacramento. 

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