On Monday April 19th the California Senate Energy Committee approved SB 99, the Community Energy Resilience Act, sponsored by The Climate Center and authored by Senator Bill Dodd, with a bi-partisan 12-0 vote. Read our testimony here. The bill will require the California Energy Commission to develop and implement a technical assistance and grant program to support local governments in developing community energy resilience plans, prioritizing state support for the most vulnerable communities.  For more information about the bill, read the author’s Factsheet or news release, see the OpEd that came out in the Sacramento Bee on Monday or visit our Community Energy Resilience page.

Click here to see our coalition support letter and click here to add your name, title, and logo to the letter in support.

Power outages during 2020 and 2019 cost the California economy billions and are expected to continue. In response, homeowners, businesses and utilities have been rapidly investing in new fossil fuel generators, primarily diesel, expenditures which run counter to California’s environmental goals. There is a better way to enhance energy resilience: local governments can work with utilities to develop comprehensive plans for strategically building clean distributed energy resources (DERs), leveraging accelerating cost reductions of clean energy generation and storage. Expedited development of DERs through energy resilience planning, in collaboration with utilities, will create thousands of well-paying jobs supplied by a well-trained workforce, and will yield DERs located to maximize benefits to the existing grid.

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