Stockton Business Forum – Community Choice Energy

City evaluating Community Choice Energy for Stockton – What will be the impact on business?

Thursday, November 19th at 1 PM PST

This forum, co-hosted by the San Joaquin Partnership and The Climate Center, provided the Stockton business community with information and updates about the City’s ongoing evaluation of launching a Community Choice Energy program.

Enabled by state law, Community Choice Energy is a not-for-profit program that allows local governments to procure electricity on behalf of their residents, businesses and municipal accounts at competitive rates. This is in partnership with the existing utility service provider, which continues to deliver the electricity. Many of the 21 existing Community Choice agencies in California, governed by boards made up of local elected officials, have reinvested net revenue back into the community to help businesses save on energy costs through a variety of programs.

The City of Stockton is pursuing a technical study to determine whether it may also be able to enjoy similar benefits.