Sonoma Clean Power

SCP_altlayout1Sonoma Clean Power is a local program that buys and generates electricity for residents and businesses. PG&E continues to provide transmission, distribution, billing, and maintenance. A local board oversees professional energy service providers that purchase power and offer innovative programs for local power needs.

It will provide a choice to consumers where currently there is only a monopoly. Sonoma Clean Power will start at 33 percent renewable energy — compared to 20 percent from PG&E — and will transition to local sources of energy over time.

Benefits of Local Control

We are in the midst of an energy revolution. We no longer need to rely on power companies with a one size fits all approach approved by distant regulators. Communities can set their own energy priorities and design programs that work locally.

solar installer 110x80Clean Power
Local clean power can be cost competitive by spreading out equipment costs over time and layering in large amounts of energy efficiency. Centralized power plants and long distance power lines are no longer the cheapest way to provide electricity.

Technician programs a machineInnovation
Monopoly utilities like PG&E cannot innovate at the pace needed. They are too regulated and too invested in outdated infrastructure. Community Choice is a versatile platform that favors the rapid growth of smart buildings and local micro-grid development.

twentiesEconomic Growth
Residents and businesses spend billions of dollars on electricity, and that money largely leaves their communities. This money can be steadily redirected toward local programs that keep energy dollars in the community.



Key steps in the process include:

  • A feasibility study in 2011 concluded that a local program would be viable.
  • In December 2012 the Water Agency and the County Board of Supervisors created a joint powers authority to oversee the program.
  • In April 2013, the board of the Sonoma Clean Power Authority voted to take all steps necessary to launch a program, including finalizing the Implementation Plan to submit to the state, negotiating contracts for power supply, finalizing a loan for start-up funds, and encouraging cities to join.
  • In spring and summer 2013, five cities voted to participate in the initial rollout of the program next year — Santa Rosa, Windsor, Sebastopol, Sonoma, and Cotati.

Check out our flier on Sonoma Clean Power; En Español: Sonoma Clean Power – Español

Sonoma Clean Power Frequently Asked Questions; En Español: Preguntas Frecuentes

Business opportunities of Sonoma Clean Power were the featured topic in a “Clean Power Hour” session featuring Supervisor Efren Carrillo and a panel of local business leaders. The panel was moderated by CPC’s Renewable Energy Implementation Manager Woody Hastings at the Sustainable Enterprise Conference on Friday, April 26 at Sonoma Mountain Village in Rohnert Park.

For information about other upcoming meetings and events, visit the Sonoma Clean Power Calendar.

For even more background, here is a historical timeline of the development of community choice energy and Sonoma Clean Power: Sonoma Clean Power Timeline


Sonoma Clean Power Feasibility Study

Sonoma Clean Power Residential Survey

Sonoma Clean Power Commercial Survey

Other Community Choice Aggregation Programs:

Slides presented by Marin Supervisor Charles McGlashan [12.1mb], February 2011.

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