Warren Energy & Power

Warren Energy & Power is using known carcinogens and engaging in gravel packing and acidization to extract oil from the Wilmington Oil Field, which contains more than 6,150 wells. Although most oil extracted from the Wilmington Field is pulled from offshore wells, there are a number of active onshore drill sites in close proximity to homes and schools, some as close as 200 feet away. The Warren E&P site operates 24 hours per day.

Parts of the Wilmington neighborhood rank among the top 5% of communities with the highest pollution exposure in the state. Another study indicated that while the cancer risk associated with air pollution in Southern California is generally in excess of 1,200 in a million, the risk in some parts of Wilmington are in excess of 2,000 in a million. Wilmington’s nearly 60,000 residents also suffer higher asthma rates, cardiac disease and overall poor health.