Report warns climate change could become ‘catastrophic’ global, national security threat

by Rebecca Klar, The Hill


  • In a report released by the National Security, Military and Intelligence Panel of the Center of Climate and Security, a nonpartisan security policy institute, national security and intelligence experts warn that climate change could become a “catastrophic” threat to security and recommended quick action to be taken to mitigate risks
  • The report calls for quickly reducing and phasing out global greenhouse gas emissions
  • Threats could come about rapidly, destabilizing the regions and relationships on which U.S. and international security depend
  • The most fragile parts of the world are most at risk, but all regions face serious implications

In our Rapid Decarbonization campaign, The Climate Center advocates for a formal California State commitment by 2022 to 80% below 1990 levels of greenhouse gas emissions and net negative emissions by 2030 for a climate-safe future.

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