Climate Safe California promotes the rapid reduction of in-state greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This effort requires visual communication graphics to enable interested allies and policymakers to more readily grasp how the state economy and infrastructure will have to evolve for an 80% reduction from 1990 emissions levels by the year 2030 along with sufficient carbon sequestration to achieve net-negative GHGs (the start of sequestration greater than emissions).

The primary approach for a visual communications tool is the “wedges” graphic concept employed first by Pacala and Socolow to illustrate how the various components of GHG reduction strategies combine to achieve an overall level of emissions reduction in the future. This project augments the Pacala wedges approach showing the impact of policies on future emissions, and shows the actual impact of past energy policies, such as vehicle and electrical efficiency policies, that successfully reduced GHG emissions.

Full report: Climate Safe Wedges Graphic Project Summary (pdf) by Edward C. Myers