Gift Acceptance Policy

The Climate Center (CCP) will solicit and accept support only when such support advances its mission.

To maintain its independence and objectivity, CCP seeks to identify any areas where there may be real or perceived conflicts of interest or where CCP’s mission, program, projects, and independence could be compromised.

CCP recognizes that corporations, as profit-centered entities, have obligations to their shareholders, boards, and employees to be viable. CCP also recognizes that companies support the nonprofit sector not only to contribute to the common good, but also with the aim of benefiting their companies. Given these realities as well as legal and ethical considerations, CCP is willing to accept support from companies in ways that will benefit the supporting companies while enabling CCP to better achieve its mission without compromising its principles.

A copy of this Gift Acceptance Policy will be delivered to companies and any other supporters for which it may be appropriate prior to accepting their gifts, effective on the date the CCP board approves this policy.

Approved by the board March 20, 2017


Nuclear Power Policy

1. Prudence dictates that we develop as many options to reduce global warming emissions as possible, and begin by deploying those that achieve the largest reductions most quickly and with the lowest costs and risk. Nuclear power today does not meet these criteria.

2. Nuclear power is not the silver bullet for “solving” the global warming problem. Many other technologies will be needed to address global warming even if a major expansion of nuclear power were to occur.

3. A major expansion of nuclear power in the United States is not feasible in the near term. Even under an ambitious deployment scenario, new plants could not make a substantial contribution to reducing U.S. global warming emissions for at least two decades.

4. Until long-standing problems regarding the security of nuclear plants—from accidents and acts of terrorism—are fixed, the potential of nuclear power to play a significant role in addressing global warming will be held hostage to the industry’s worst performers.

5. An expansion of nuclear power under effective regulations and an appropriate level of oversight should be considered as a longer-term option if other climate-neutral means for producing electricity prove inadequate. Nuclear energy research and development should therefore continue, with a focus on enhancing safety, security, and waste disposal.

Approved by the board November 20, 2007

(Adopted from Union of Concerned Scientists, “Nuclear Power and Global Warming,”