Climate Justice

The Climate Center stands in solidarity with communities of color and with the protesters in the streets. We join them in demanding an end to institutional racism, police violence, white supremacy, and the environmental injustices that many Black, Brown, Asian and Indigenous communities experience daily.

Shared responsibility and equitable, inclusive solutions are fundamental values we strive to embody in our efforts to realize speed and scale greenhouse gas reductions.

Our urgent climate policy goals will only be achieved if we also close the climate gap and ensure that communities of color are no longer disproportionately harmed. There cannot be climate justice without racial justice.

A Secure Transition for Everyone

The impacts of climate change are hitting harder and faster than expected, posing grave threats to human health and well-being. Lower-income communities are disproportionately affected by exposure to pollution from our fossil fuel economy through proximity to oil and gas wells, oil refineries, major highways, and other industrial areas. These Frontline communities are also more vulnerable to climate impacts such as heatwaves, drought, floods, and food insecurity. 

As we transition to a clean energy economy in California and globally, we must ensure that it is a just transition and that workers and communities dependent on fossil fuel industries are included in a new clean energy economy. Transforming our energy system will mean re-imagining thousands of jobs in the fossil fuel sector. Retraining and job placement will be vital for California to make the transition in an equitable way. California policymakers must ensure workforce and community security, including proactive approaches to pensions, retraining, housing, and healthcare.

The Climate Center is working with partners across the state for a Climate-Safe California that means a healthy, vibrant, and equitable future for everyone.

Our Central Valley Partners for Climate Justice

Resources for Climate Justice