SB 839: Electricity – demand response

SB 839 (Dodd) Pursuant to existing law, the commission has authorized the state’s three major IOUs to offer reliability-based demand response (DR) programs, including the Base Interruptible Program (BIP), which is available to qualifying nonresidential customers. This bill would require each of those IOUs to make its BIP available to its qualifying commercial and industrial customers regardless of the LSE that is those customers’ supplier of electricity. Because the bill would require actions by those LSEs that are Community Choice agencies (CCAs), the bill would impose a state-mandated local program. The bill would require the CPUC to implement a pilot economic DR program or optional rate design, to be administered by those IOUs, in which BIP participants may elect to participate, to operate for a 4-year period. Under existing law, the Scheduled Load Reduction Program requires each IOU to develop and offer to its customers the opportunity to participate in a DR program and requires the CPUC to develop appropriate incentives for customers to participate in the program. This bill would repeal that program. STATUS: DEAD; Held in the Senate Appropriations Committee May 27. Never made it out. Dead.