SB 755 (Becker) California’s Layered Energy Applications for Residents (CLEAR) Act of 2023

Existing law vests the California Energy Commission (CEC) with various responsibilities for developing and implementing the state’s energy policies and requires the development and implementation of various energy efficiency programs in the state, to be administered by certain state agencies including the Public Utilities Commission and the Department of Community Services and Development.

This bill, the California’s Layered Energy Applications for Residents (CLEAR) Act of 2023, would require the CEC to develop and make publicly available a website for all energy efficiency and building decarbonization programs available in the state for residential buildings and residential electricity customers.

The bill would require the website to include specified programs, and would require customers to be able to apply for the included programs through the website. For programs the CEC determines cannot be included in the website, the bill would require the CEC to provide a link and any additional information to users who qualify for those programs.

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