SB 663 (Archuleta) “Clean” hydrogen in the Renewables Portfolio Standard

Capitol Building in Sacramento

Existing law establishes the California Renewables Portfolio Standard Program, which requires the Public Utilities Commission to implement annual procurement targets for the procurement of eligible renewable energy resources, which is defined as an electrical generating facility that meets the definition of “renewable electrical generation facility” subject to certain conditions, for all retail sellers, as defined, and requires local publicly owned electric utilities to adopt and implement a renewable energy resources procurement plan to achieve the targets and goals of the program.

This bill would include a facility that uses renewable hydrogen, as defined, meeting certain requirements, including a requirement that sellers and purchasers of renewable hydrogen comply with a system for tracking and verifying the use of renewable hydrogen, as a renewable electrical generation facility for purposes of the California Renewables Portfolio Standard Program.

Status: (Updated 2/5/24): Failed in Appropriations Committee.

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