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SB 529 (Gonzalez) Shared electric vehicle sharing charging at multifamily housing

Electric Vehicles Charging at a Station
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Existing law creates the Clean Transportation Program, administered by the California Energy Commission (CEC), to provide, among other things, competitive grants and revolving loans to specified entities for those entities to develop and deploy innovative technologies that transform California’s fuel and vehicle types to help attain the state’s climate change policies. Existing law requires the CEC to develop and adopt an investment plan to determine priorities and opportunities for the program. Existing law requires the CEC, in consultation with the State Air Resources Board (ARB), as part of the development of the investment plan, to assess whether electric vehicle (EV) charging station infrastructure is disproportionately deployed, and, upon finding disproportionate deployment, to use moneys from the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Fund, as well as other mechanisms, including incentives, to more proportionately deploy new charging station infrastructure.

This bill would require the CEC to create a program to award grants to facilitate EV sharing services operated at permanent affordable multifamily housing properties. The bill would specify the eligible entities that may be awarded grants pursuant to the program, and would require those eligible entities to submit an application to the CEC. The bill would require the CEC to consider specified criteria in awarding grants and would require a grant recipient to only use grant funds for specified purposes to facilitate an EV sharing service operated at a public housing facility. The bill would require that a grant awarded pursuant to this program not exceed $250,000 to cover the cost of two EVs and two Level 2 charging stations. The bill would provide that a grant recipient may be eligible for an additional $100,000 under this program for the purchase of two direct current fast chargers if the grant recipient meets specified requirements.

Committee Location: Held in the Senate Appropriations Committee May 18, 2023.

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