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SB 485 (Becker) Livestock feed additives to address methane emissions


Existing law requires the State Air Resources Board (ARB) to approve and begin implementing a comprehensive short-lived climate pollutant (SLCP) strategy to achieve a reduction in the statewide emissions of methane by 40%, hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) gases by 40%, and anthropogenic black carbon by 50% below 2013 levels by 2030.

Existing law requires the ARB in consultation with the Department of Food and Agriculture to adopt regulations to reduce methane emissions from livestock manure management operations and dairy manure management operations, consistent with the strategy, by up to 40% below the dairy sector’s and livestock sector’s 2013 levels by 2030.

This bill would require, on or before June 1, 2025, the ARB, in cooperation with the Department of Food and Agriculture, to develop and implement offset or inset compliance protocols to incentivize the use of livestock feed additives that reduce enteric fermentation.

Committee Location: APPROVED in the Senate; in the Assembly Public Safety Committee with a July 11 hearing date.

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