SB 425 (Newman) Clean Vehicle Rebate Project: fuel cell electric pickup trucks

Capitol Building in Sacramento

Existing law establishes the Air Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) that is administered by the State Air Resources Board (ARB) for the purposes of funding projects related to, among other things, the reduction of criteria air pollutants and improvement of air quality. Pursuant to its existing statutory authority, the ARB has established the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP), as a part of the AQIP, to promote the production and use of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) by providing rebates for the purchase of new ZEVs.

The bill would require the state board, as a part of the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, to provide rebates for zero-emission electric pickup trucks, as defined, so that fuel cell electric pickup trucks and battery electric pickup trucks receive rebates that are $2,500 more than the rebates provided for other fuel cell electric vehicles and battery electric vehicles, respectively.

Committee Location: (Updated 9/5/23) Held in the Assembly Appropriations Committee on September 1 (Dead).

Full bill text and related information.

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