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AB 3233 (Addis) Local government authority over oil drilling

Oil drilling site. Photo via Canva.
Oil drilling site. Photo via Canva.

AB 3233 protects the right of local governments to regulate, limit, and phase out oil and gas operations in their jurisdictions. Local governments have always had the authority to regulate oil and gas pollution in their jurisdictions, but these rights have recently come under attack by Big Oil. 

A recent decision by the California Supreme Court has brought confusion to how authority is split between local and state governments when regulating oil and gas. The Court’s decision was narrowly focused on a single local ordinance and a statute enacted in 1961, but Big Oil has capitalized on the confusion to hold up local governments’ action on oil and gas regulation. This bill provides clarity and reaffirms local governments’ rights to protect their communities from Big Oil’s dangerous pollution.

Committee Location: (Updated 6/6/24) Will be heard in Senate Natural Resources Committee on June 17.

Full bill text and more info.

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