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AB 2734 (Connolly) Healthy Soils Program Updates

Earthworms. Photo via Canva.

AB 2734 updates the Healthy Soils Program in a number of ways, including providing advance payment rates of up to 50%, allowing equipment sharing as a part of technical assistance grants, and establishing a common application for all of the Climate Smart Agriculture Technical Assistance Grant programs. This bill would incentivize farming methods that promote healthy soils and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Existing law, the Cannella Environmental Farming Act of 1995, requires the Department of Food and Agriculture to oversee an environmental farming program that provides incentives to farmers. The Healthy Soils Program was established under this act to grant loans, research, and technical assistance to farmers whose practices contribute to healthy soils and long-term greenhouse gas benefits. 

Streamlining the application process and funding on-farm demonstration projects under AB 2734 will make the Healthy Soils Program more accessible to producers across the state and more effective in combatting the effects of the climate crisis.

Committee Location: (Updated 4/4/24) Will be heard in the Assembly Agriculture Committee on 4/10.

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