AB 1614 (Gabriel) Gasoline fueling stations transition: study.

gas station by sergio souza on pexels
Image Credit: Sergio Souza; Pexels

Existing law requires the California Energy Commission, in partnership with the State Air Resources Board, and in consultation with the State Water Resources Control Board, the Department of Food and Agriculture, and other relevant state agencies, to develop and adopt a state plan to increase the use of alternative transportation fuels, which include electricity.

This bill would require the Energy Commission, in coordination with the state board and the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development, and in consultation with local air districts and local governments, to, upon appropriation by the Legislature, conduct a study on the transitioning of retail gasoline fueling stations to provide alternative fuels, as defined, by a specified date and to convene, before initiating the study, specified state and local agencies, and other relevant stakeholders, to determine the scope of the study. The bill would require the study to include an assessment of opportunities for, and barriers to, deploying alternative fueling infrastructure at retail gasoline fueling stations and identify the potential financial incentives and regulatory barriers for retail gasoline fueling stations to install, or replace gasoline fueling infrastructure with, alternative fueling infrastructure. The bill would require the Energy Commission to deliver the study to the Legislature no later than January 1, 2027. The bill would repeal its provisions on January 1, 2030.

Committee Location: (updated 9/13/23) Approved in both houses, sent to the Governor’s desk and vetoed.

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