AB 1224 (Bryan) Green Jobs Survey

Existing law establishes the Labor and Workforce Development Agency in state government under the supervision of an executive officer known as the Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development. Existing law charges the agency with various duties relating to coordinating workforce programs and overseeing specified departments, boards, and panels, including the Employment Development Department and the California Workforce Development Board.

Existing law establishes the California Workforce Development Board, formerly named the California Workforce Investment Board, as the body responsible for assisting the Governor in the development, oversight, and continuous improvement of California’s workforce investment system and the alignment of the education and workforce investment systems to the needs of the 21st century economy and workforce. Existing law requires the board to establish a committee known as the Green Collar Jobs Council to, among other things, consult with other state agencies, higher education representatives, local workforce investment boards, industry representatives, and specified others in the development of a strategic initiative relating to the training and development of a skilled workforce to meet the needs of California’s emerging green economy.

This bill would require the Labor Market Information Division of the Employment Development Department to conduct, upon appropriation by the Legislature, a green jobs survey, as specified, to gather information about statewide green job industry strengths. The bill would require the division to create a standard operating definition of “green job” based on the results of the survey for the purpose of employment in California, as described. The bill would require the California Workforce Development Board to incorporate the survey’s findings into education outreach, as specified, and would require the Workforce Services Branch of the Employment Development Department to incorporate the survey’s findings into appropriate communications or educational materials relating to job opportunities for persons seeking employment.

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