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AB 1012 (Quirk-Silva) Lifecycle analyses for mobile source regulations

California State Capitol by Andre m
Image Credit: Andre M.

Existing law imposes various limitations on emissions of air contaminants for the control of air pollution from vehicular and nonvehicular sources. Existing law generally designates the State Air Resources Board (ARB) as the state agency with the primary responsibility for the control of vehicular air pollution. Existing law requires the ARB to adopt and implement motor vehicle emission standards, in-use performance standards, and motor vehicle fuel specifications for the control of air contaminants.

This bill would require the ARB, if it proposes a regulation to regulate an on-road mobile source, to prepare a lifecycle analysis of any technology required by the regulation, and in its discretion, any incumbent technology.

This bill requires the ARB to divert staff time and resources to perform complicated and time-consuming life-cycle analyses on the zero emission technologies that their regulations require. The ARB already conducts thorough environmental analyses on all of their regulations and this bill would be burdensome without adding value to the rulemaking process. The science is clear that we need to move toward zero emission vehicles as soon as possible and we cannot afford to delay this transition with unnecessary analysis.

Committee Location: Failed in the Assembly Appropriations May 18, 2023.

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