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AB 1000 (Reyes) Warehouse permitting near sensitive receptors

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Existing law, the Planning and Zoning Law, sets forth various requirements relating to the review of development project permit applications and the issuance of development permits for specified classes of development projects.

This bill would:

  • Prohibit a local agency from approving the development or expansion of any qualifying logistics use within 1,000 feet of sensitive receptors except as provided;
  • Authorize a local agency to approve the development or expansion of a qualifying logistics use greater than 750 feet from a sensitive receptor and within 1,000 feet of a sensitive receptor only if the local agency takes certain actions, including, among other things, conducting a cumulative analysis of the air quality impacts of the warehouse development project;
  • Require a local agency, upon receipt of an application for a warehouse development project, to take certain actions, including posting information on its website that is easily accessible and easily understandable by the public;
  • Require the lead agency to conduct at least one scoping meeting at a location within one mile of the project site, except as provided. At the scoping meeting, the bill would require the lead agency to provide a description of the project and any information known about the project’s potential environmental impacts and take public comments regarding potential environmental impacts of the project. In a meeting in which a warehouse development project is being considered, the bill would require the lead agency, upon request, to provide translation services in a requested threshold language.

The bill would include findings that changes proposed by this bill address a matter of statewide concern rather than a municipal affair and, therefore, apply to all cities, including charter cities.

Status: (Updated 2/2/24): Failed in committee.

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