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At The Climate Center, we work in a dynamic and supportive team atmosphere, we care about each other and we know that each employee has a whole life that includes time outside of work. The Climate Center provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, or genetics. We value diversity and encourage people from all backgrounds to apply, even if you do not meet all of the preferred qualifications.

About The Climate Center

The Climate Center is a 501(c)(3) climate and energy policy nonprofit working to rapidly reduce climate pollution at scale, starting in California.

Since 2001, we’ve been a leader in making climate solutions a reality in California at speed and scale. We played a key role in the rapid growth of Community Choice Energy, expanding access to clean electricity managed by local governments as opposed to investor-owned utilities. Community Choice Energy now serves 80 to 90 percent greenhouse gas-free electricity to more than 11 million Californians while supporting thousands of good jobs.

At The Climate Center, we believe in thriving, healthy communities. We envision a future where everyone in California enjoys equal access to climate solutions, from clean air to renewable energy, healthy food, and more. California has the tools and know-how to make this vision a reality — if our elected leaders act with the urgency the climate crisis demands. That’s why we’ve launched Climate-Safe California, a unique and comprehensive campaign to make California the first state in the nation to become carbon negative. Endorsed by hundreds of businesses, elected officials, and nonprofits and more than 1,000 individuals, Climate-Safe California offers climate solutions at the speed and scale that science demands. It’s a set of policies that would allow California to remove more climate pollution from the atmosphere than we emit by 2030 while creating thousands of jobs and building a more equitable clean energy economy.

Climate-Safe California — and all of The Climate Center’s work — is guided by these core principles: follow the latest science, secure a just transition for fossil fuel workers and their families, and prioritize climate justice with equitable access to climate solutions for all.