UPDATE: After passing out of the Assembly, this bill passed out of both the Senate Natural Resources and Environmental Quality Committees. Next, it’s headed to the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Natural carbon sequestration removes past climate pollution from the atmosphere through soil and vegetation management and increases resilience to climate extremes like drought, heat, wildfires, floods, and sea-level rise. These practices can also enhance food security, biodiversity, public health, and environmental justice, and can even provide cost-effective alternatives to chemically-intensive agriculture techniques that pollute communities and endanger farmworkers.

The Natural Carbon Sequestration and Resilience Act of 2022 (AB 2649, C. Garcia) is a critical step toward implementing natural carbon sequestration practices at scale, paving the way toward a climate-safe future in California and beyond. The bill aims to set California’s first-ever statutory targets for naturally removing past climate pollution from the atmosphere. See more information below.

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