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Governor Newsom announces $15 billion down payment for climate resilience, but more is needed

September 23, 2021 — Today, Governor Newsom announced a $15 billion climate package that includes nearly $4 billion for electric vehicles, $5 billion for drought management, and $1.5 billion for wildfires, forest management, and prescribed burns in the state of California.

In response, The Climate Center CEO Ellie Cohen said:

“We are grateful to Governor Newsom for investing $15 billion in climate programs over the next three years, furthering the work of the state legislature to make a historic down payment for climate resilience. We’re pleased to see investments in electric vehicle infrastructure, ecosystem conservation and restoration, and resilience to worsening extremes.

“But we’re already deep in a climate emergency, and health professionals around the world have made it clear that no rise in global temperatures is safe. Governor Newsom’s investment falls short of what science says is necessary for a climate-safe, healthy future for all. Investing even more today will save countless lives and dollars down the line. California has the know-how and technology to lead the world towards a climate-safe future. Governor Newsom, it’s time to stand up to oil and gas interests and put our state fully on the path to a 100% clean energy future as soon as possible.”

Earlier this week, The Climate Center sent a letter to the Newsom administration outlining detailed policy recommendations the governor should pursue in the lead up to COP26 in November. Following today’s announcement, we urge the governor to commit to:

  • No new oil and gas infrastructure permits.
  • Dramatic cuts in oil and gas production, with major investments in an equitable transition for oil and gas workers, their families, and their communities.
  • Health and safety buffer zones around existing oil and gas wells to protect the health of frontline communities.
  • Significant upgrades to our dangerously outdated electricity grid, with decentralized, clean, equitable power, and backup storage. This is what it will take to avoid further power outages, planned or unplanned. 
  • Increased investment in healthy soils and habitats to draw climate pollution out of the atmosphere, which also helps with food security, water supply, and clean air. 


Contact: Ryan Schleeter, Communications Director, The Climate Center: ryan@theclimatecenter.org, (415) 342-2386

About The Climate Center: 

The Climate Center is a climate and energy policy nonprofit working to rapidly reduce climate pollution at scale, starting in California. Our flagship Climate-Safe California campaign is a unique and comprehensive effort to make California the first state in the nation to reach carbon negative.