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Electric dream: Britain to ban new petrol and hybrid cars from 2035

by Kylie MacLellan, Reuters


Following a growing trend in Europe, Britain is the next country to announce the phase-out of internal combustion engine cars within the next 15 years. This includes all diesel, petrol, and hybrid vehicles. 

  • Though traditional cars make up 90% of new vehicle sales in Britain, the government is investing over $3 million USD in electric vehicle infrastructure
  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson also announced the phase-out of all coal plants by 2024

Transitioning from internal combustion engine cars to electric vehicles is a key component of The Climate Center’s sustainable mobility work.

Read More: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-climate-change-accord/electric-future-britain-to-ban-new-petrol-and-hybrid-cars-from-2035-idUSKBN1ZX2RY