Climate Coffee Break: A Chat with California Climate Leaders about recent accomplishments and what remains to be done

International Labour Organization Pavilion in the Blue Zone at Zone B7, Building 88 on the 3rd Floor
The Climate Center Chief Operating Officer Barry Vesser with Assemblymember Jim Wood, California Speaker Robert Rivas, Senator Henry Stern, and Senator Maria Durazo at a COP28 side event hosted by The Climate Center.

California passed a number of important bills into law this year, including bills to hold corporations accountable for their carbon emissions, codify 30×30 conservation goals, move transportation toward zero-emissions vehicles and infrastructure, make it easier to implement transmission infrastructure and finance large-scale infrastructure projects, and reign in oil industry greed at the expense of consumers.

The state legislature also had to make adjustments to the historic climate investments that it passed in the last two years and consider plans for a climate bond that would ensure continued funding for programs impacted by budget cuts. At this event, California legislators discussed their achievements and challenges from 2023, as well as remaining policy gaps as they look forward to 2024.