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State Senator Leno Moves to Protect Community Power

In June 2010 PG&E spent millions dollars to pass Prop 16. This initiative was designed to shackle the state law that allows local jurisdictions to establish Community Choice Aggregation. CCA empowers local communities to develop renewable energy and create more competition in the utility market. State Senator Mark Leno has authored SB 790, a bill to strengthen the existing CCA law.

Background: In attempting to establish a CCA in the San Joaquin Valley and in establishing one in Marin County, it became clear that additional legislation was needed to prevent obstruction from private utilities. Among other things the bill establishes a “code of conduct” for the private utilities when interacting with emerging CCAs. The original 2002 CCA legislation requires them to “cooperate fully.” Leno’s proposed legislation defines what this means.

Take Action: For information about SB 790 and resources including sample letters and city resolutions in support, visit www.prop16round2.org

At that website there is also information about an Assembly Bill 976 that would hurt emerging CCAs. Urge assembly members and senators to oppose AB976.