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Scientific American endorses Cap & Dividend

“Opponents of proposals to cap carbon emissions argue that such measures would be a drag on the economy. But action on climate change is simple prudence. Doing nothing carries risks that outweigh the cost of phasing out emissions. Politicians should accept that calculation because the science that supports it is strong. They should also consider adopting sensible, market-friendly climate and energy measures. Options include the bipartisan “cap and dividend” bill proposed by Senator Susan M. Collins of Maine and Senator Maria Cant­well of Washington State—a revenue-neutral approach that would auction carbon permits and return the proceeds to taxpayers—and a low-carbon-electricity standard, which would give states more options for generating clean power.” For more>

Why is a price on carbon so important? Check out this short video from The Wesleyan University Conference attended by Bill McKibben, NASA’s James Hansen, Congressman John Larson and other scientific, business, nonprofit and student leaders.

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