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New York is spending $1 billion to help residents conserve energy — and lower their bills



  • As people shelter-in-place due to the ongoing pandemic, utility bills are rising as the summer heat intensifies 
  • The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority and the state’s investor-owned utilities are working to provide clean and energy-efficient solutions to more than 350,000 low-to-moderate income households 
  • These services would include increasing insulation, efficient cooling and heating, education, and community support programs
  • An investment of $1 billion for programs will run through 2025 for energy efficiency in affordable multifamily buildings, increased energy efficiency access to low-income homeowners and renters, and capacity building with community-based organizations
  • The energy efficiency improvements help filter out air pollution, provide long term solutions to rising bills, and will ultimately help New York reach its net-zero greenhouse gas emissions reductions by 2050

The Climate Center’s Climate-Safe California Platform advocates for a formal California State commitment by 2022 to 80% below 1990 levels of greenhouse gas emissions and net negative emissions by 2030, including the phase-out of fossil fuels and a transition to clean energy

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