Climate-Safe California Pioneer Endorsers

Who they are and why they endorse the campaign

Learn about the Climate-Safe California campaign here and please join us by endorsing it here for accelerated climate action that will also catalyze efforts globally. Together we will secure a vibrant, healthy and climate-safe future for all. To see the full list of endorsers, click here.

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“The science supports the fact that California’s climate crisis is real with dangerous and accelerating impacts on our vulnerable populations. Climate-Safe California offers a powerful solution that will hopefully catalyze similar efforts in other states, the nation and the world.”

Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, Former CA State Senator

Hunter Lovins“Climate-Safe California is the bold pathway that leads toward shared prosperity on a healthy planet – exactly what California and the world need now.”

L. Hunter Lovins

President of Natural Capitalism Solutions,
Rocky Mountain Institute Co-Founder and

“I applaud Climate-Safe California for recognizing that solving our climate crisis requires setting the bar high enough to actually meet the challenge. I endorse this effort to keep California on that course, leading our country and the world toward climate solutions.”

Jared Huffman

U.S. Congressmember

“This is urgent and desperately needed. Also urgent is a just transition and safety net for those working in the fossil fuel industry. We must not leave people behind as seen in the coal industry.”

Carmen Ramírez.

Mayor Pro Tem City of Oxnard and public interest attorney

“[The Climate Center] has emerged as a force this year in our public policy discussions. We know that this has been a long time coming, but this campaign for a Climate-Safe California is not only crucial but it is scalable. The goal for a 2030 near term net negative emissions target is not just something we should be striving for in California, but should be pushing the next administration [in Washington] to embrace as well.”

Senator Henry Stern

California State Senator

“I strongly endorse the goal of Climate-Safe California to achieve net-negative emissions by 2030. 2050 is too late. The campaign’s focus on science, urgency, and policy is exactly what’s needed – and California must lead the way.”

Terry Tamminen

Former CAL EPA Secretary under Governor Schwarzenegger, former CEO of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and President of Seventh Generation Advisors

“Climate-Safe California can be our reality. It puts people to work by accelerating our renewable energy, energy storage, smart-grid, and electric vehicle goals. It can and must be part of a transformation that promotes social and racial justice by investing in our disadvantaged communities.”

Daniel Kammen, PhD.

Professor and Chair, Energy and Resources Group,
Professor, Goldman School of Public Policy,
former Science Envoy for the U. S. Department of State

“I endorse Climate-Safe California because I believe in supporting direct action to create a sustainable and equitable future for us all.”

David Pellow, PhD.

Department Chair, Professor, and Dehlsen Chair, Environmental Studies Program
Director, Global Environmental Justice Project;
University of California, Santa Barbara

“The people of California have led the way combatting climate change and developing one of the nation’s preeminent green economies. That said, as America’s most populous state, we know we must do better because climate change is catching up to us. The Golden State is the canary in the coal mine. Now more than ever, we need the Climate-Safe California initiative and I’m honored to endorse its bold vision.”

Mike McGuire

California State Senator

“No one can deny the health and safety impacts that our climate related risks are creating.  Having worked as an emergency room nurse, I know that there are some things that you must do immediately to save imperiled lives. We are in a climate emergency that requires immediate and decisive actions to save lives and to protect future generations. We urge Governor Newsom to accelerate climate policy timelines now.”

Barbara Sattler, RN, DrPH, FAAN

Professor, University of San Francisco,
Association of Nurses for Health and the Environment

Dealing with the climate crisis is more urgent than ever. California must accelerate its leadership and inspire the nation. I enthusiastically endorse Climate-Safe California because it’s based on science and charts the path toward solutions for sectors from agriculture to clean energy businesses.”

Mike Thompson

U.S. Congressmember

“I support Climate-Safe California because it accelerates climate action while supporting a just transition for skilled labor as essential, so that all workers can benefit from a carbon-free economy.”

Ash Kalra

California Assemblymember

“Climate change is a public health crisis that impacts current and future generations.”

Venise Curry, M.D.

San Joaquin Regional Director, Communities for a New California
Board Member, The Climate Center, Fresno

“Climate change is here. It is now. The Climate Center offers the best roadmap to get us where we need to be in the next few years. We need a carbon descent plan, and we need it now. Climate-Safe California is just such a plan.”

Ed Begley Jr.

Actor and environmentalist

“Climate-Safe California works on finding and implementing solutions to the problem of human-caused climate change. Their work is critically important to ensuring a safer climate future for all of us.”

Ben Santer, Ph.D.

Atmospheric scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

“Can a local organization make a difference in the gigantic global crisis of climate change? In this case, the answer is clearly YES! The Climate Center is one of the most effective leaders in the state on climate. I am proud to support and endorse their ambitious and necessary Climate-Safe California campaign.”

Laney Thornton

Laney and Pasha Thornton Foundation

“I endorse Climate-Safe California because it leads to the greenhouse gas reductions mandated by the most current scientific evidence, and because it is designed to unleash business innovation to help solve the climate crisis, the world’s most pressing issue..”

John “Mac” McQuown

Director, Dimensional Fund Advisors,
entrepreneur, environmentalist, and philanthropist

“The climate crisis is already impacting California residents on an economic basis that is not sustainable. Climate-Safe California advances legislation that leverages the technology and innovation necessary to combat climate change and reduce GHG emissions.”

Catherine Von Burg

CEO and President, SimpliPhi Power, Inc.

“How do we move out of overshoot and start living again within the means of our one planet, at the necessary speed and scale? Just study and implement the pathways laid out in the Climate-Safe California campaign. That’s what’s needed. Like with COVID-19 it protects ourselves here in California, and by protecting us in California, we also protect our precious planet and all fellow human beings. I want a resilient and bright future, and Climate-Safe California shows us the way.”

Mathis Wackernagel, PhD.

Founder and President, Global Footprint Network

“Coronavirus has made two things clear, when scientists warn us about pending catastrophes, listen to them; and acting preventively saves lives and treasures. Climate-Safe California applies these lessons.”

Jonathan Parfrey

Executive Director, Climate Resolve (Los Angeles)

“We can make the dramatic changes necessary to stabilize climate change, but we have already wasted too much time. We must act in a much more comprehensive way and we must do so now.”

Steven Weissman, J.D.

Lecturer, UC Berkeley Goldman School of Public Policy
Senior Policy Advisor, Center for Sustainable Energy
Associate Director, UC Berkeley’s Center for Law, Energy, and the Environment 

“At a time when we are learning how important it is to prepare for crises to mitigate the worst effects, TerraVerde Energy supports the Climate-Safe CA campaign.”

Rick Brown, PhD.

Chair of the Board, TerraVerde Energy

“The climate crisis is the greatest health threat of this century, but climate solutions such as those in the Climate-Safe California plan provide our greatest health opportunity.”

Linda Rudolph MD, MPH

Senior Advisor, Center for Climate Change and Health

“We need climate action now. I applaud the Climate Center’s leadership in highlighting the need for urgent action, founded on the latest scientific evidence.”

Josh Becker

California State Senator

“The COVID-19 crisis shows how inadequate our social safety net is. A Climate-Safe California will continue to heal our environment, relocalize our economy and food systems, and decentralize our energy systems.”

Melanie Bagby

Councilmember, Cloverdale City Council

“The world is in a climate emergency and we must take bold, sweeping action to mitigate the impacts of climate change and create a more sustainable world.”

Allie Detrio

Chief Strategist, Reimagine Power

“Climate crisis is one of the greatest moral issues of our time, negatively affects the poorest.”

Agnes Dickson

Chair Environmental Commission, Immaculate Heart Community

“The Climate Center’s suite of decarbonization policies are all required to stay below 2°C (3.6°F) warming and avoid dangerous climate chaos. We need aggressive, equitable policies in place now so society can transition to a fossil-fuel-free economy as quickly and safely as possible.”

Carl Mears, PhD.

UN climate scientist and Director,
Board Member, The Climate Center

“The Climate Center’s platform is a win-win for people and the planet. It will rapidly jumpstart an economy in peril while beginning the process to reverse the climate crisis.”

Efren Carrillo

Board President, The Climate Center,
former Supervisor, County of Sonoma

“Building livable, sustainable and equitable communities requires accelerating climate policy timelines, state support of local government mitigation and resilience efforts, and engaging local communities. We strongly support the urgent goals of Climate-Safe California. We must act as though our future depends on it. It does.”

Kate Meis

Executive Director,
Local Government Commission

“California must lead the world by achieving the goals of Climate-Safe California. Drawing down the carbon we’ve already put into the atmosphere is central to the State achieving carbon neutrality and net-negative emissions. It is time to ensure carbon sequestration on California’s natural and working lands, at scale, as a centerpiece of our pathway toward a livable and climate resilient future. Meeting this goal will have cascading beneficial impacts on CA’s communities and vital ecosystems.

Jeff Creque, PhD, and Torri Estrada

Carbon Cycle Institute

“Californians are suffering from climate crisis caused wildfires, extreme heat, unbreathable air, droughts and floods,” said Assemblymember Marc Levine. “To fight this crisis, we need partners like The Climate Center and initiatives like Climate-Safe California that promote science-based actions to build an equitable, carbon-free future for us all.”

Marc Levine

California Assemblymember

“It’s the right thing to do. It’s what we need to do, now.”

Robert Perkowitz

Founder and President, ecoAmerica

“From drought to wildfires, the past ten years have shown us that California can’t waste a moment on plans and policies that will leave any of us behind. Climate-Safe California exemplifies the aggressive and bold initiative we need to secure the future for all Californians, and is setting an example for the nation and the rest of the world to follow.”

Sonaar Luthra

CEO, Water Canary

“The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates quite clearly we can no longer allow anti-science zealots to deny well-founded climate science research, and must act urgently to prevent a larger global disaster.”

Anthony Molina, M.D.


“I strongly support Climate-Safe California. It’s time to take meaningful action on the climate crisis and shift to a 2030 time frame. Our communities and our children deserve no less.”

David Chiu

California Assemblymember

“Climate change is having devastating impacts on our planet. It’s time to accelerate our climate action timelines to 2030 while prioritizing our most vulnerable communities and ensuring a just transition for the workers dependent on fossil fuel industries.”

Scott Wiener

California State Senator

“The gravity of the environmental situation demands a serious response, and the Climate-Safe California Platform is one that I can support.”

Jim Grant

Director, Social Justice Ministry, Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno

“A commitment to 100% renewable energy for all sectors is the best option for California to protect public health and the environment while building a strong green economy for the future.”

Angelina Galiteva

Founder, Chair of the Board, Renewables100 Policy Institute

“Catastrophic challenges require bold, visionary solutions. The Climate-Safe California Platform is such a solution.”

Warner Chabot

Executive Director, San Francisco Estuary Institute

“Although we are in the midst of the COVID-19 emergency, the climate crisis is unrelenting. I appreciate the Climate Center’s bold approach to accelerating a carbon free future for everyone.”

Diane Bailey

Executive Director, Menlo Spark

Learn about the Climate-Safe California campaign here and please join us by endorsing it here for accelerated climate action that will also catalyze efforts globally. See why some of these visionaries are endorsing the campaign here.

Together we will secure a vibrant, healthy, and climate-safe future for all.

Last update: 5/29/2020
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