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The collapse of the US fracking industry, in seven charts

by Tim McDonnell, Quartz


  • Failing prices are a hard blow for many of these companies, who need oil prices of at least $30 to be profitable. Stocks that were once over $100 a share are now dipping dramatically and the top largest fracking companies in the US can’t turn a profit.

    • Whiting Petroleum, a fracking company that recently filed for bankruptcy, formally traded at $150 a share more recently closed at 67 cents
    • West Texas intermediate crude fell from around $60 per barrel to $20 this week
    • In some local markets in Texas and Canada prices have even fallen below $10
    • In Wyoming, the price for one obscure form of dense oil just went negative
  • Analytics firm Rystad Energy reports that the fracking industry will be $133 billion in debt between now and 2026 
  • Coronavirus, travel restrictions, and social distancing will cause demand for oil to plummet by at least 20% this year
  • The number of oil rigs coming offline is increasing and the number of new rigs will be low

Fossil fuel divestment and the transition to 100% clean electricity a major step towards achieving the Climate Center’s Climate-Safe California Platform.

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