Cory Maguire of Terra Firma Global Partners is committed to supporting bold climate action

by Ellen Maremont Silver

A bedrock of The Climate Center’s strategy for its Climate-Safe California campaign is organizing a growing body of advocates– including businesses– who will exert pressure on lawmakers to implement the bold policies needed to address the climate crisis and usher in a climate-safe economy. Below is an interview with one of The Climate Center’s Business for Clean Energy members who are committed to a climate-safe future. With COVID-19 decimating many businesses in California and throughout the world, it more important than ever to support businesses like Cory McGuire of Terra Firma Global Partners who are doing their part to build a healthy and vibrant economy.

Photo by Karen Preuss

Cory Maguire’s enthusiasm and caring heart are apparent as soon as you meet her. One of the issues most important to her is reversing climate change so that we can heal the planet. In 2019, she decided to donate a significant percentage of her income to The Climate Center. And Terra Firma Global Partners, where she is an associate, is now a member of The Climate Center’s Business for Clean Energy network. 

Cory has been a supporter of The Climate Center for over 10 years since she heard realtor Michael Friedenberg speak at a networking meeting. “I want you to know about The Climate Protection Campaign,” he said. “I give 10% of my income to them.” Cory’s interest was piqued. A member of the organization’s Board of Directors, Friedenberg “made a lot of sense to me,” Cory said. She quickly signed up to support the organization now known as The Climate Center. 

In 2019, Susan Breyer, then a staff member, invited Cory to lunch to talk about the benefits of becoming a member of The Climate Center’s Business for Clean Energy Program, which is a coalition of like-minded businesses who gather regularly to network and share best practices. Cory appreciated the range of benefits offered and also felt that increasing her support of The Climate Center would further integrate both her work and her life. “Representing land, real estate, people, home, safety, joy, it’s all part and parcel of what I do,” says Cory. She also strongly responded to the mission of the organization. She appreciates how effective The Climate Center has been in reducing greenhouse gases statewide.

Cory sees the climate crisis as an urgent problem and her contributions to The Climate Center as a meaningful way to give back. “At this time, in this world, we need to feel the urgency. And I believe it becomes necessary to contribute at a certain point in your life, to give back, for whatever has heart and meaning for you. For me, it’s the planet.” 

Cory says of Ann Hancock, founder and Chief Strategy Officer, “She has been involved in this a long time. Her commitment over these years has provided a structure that can be very successful. At the policy level, The Climate Center is talking to the right people, they have great partnerships and great leadership. It just keeps evolving in more expansive ways.” Cory cites growing sustainability practices in Sonoma County’s agricultural sector. “I think that’s directly related to The Climate Center. The people there are so committed, they’re wonderful. I see the organization as having great longevity and great success.”