Sonoma County’s commitment to the future and its desire for extraordinary action brought this Plan into being

This Plan is, in essence, a public works project to meet Sonoma County’s bold goal for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions — 25 percent below 1990 levels by 2015.

Thank You!

This Plan is the product of considerable input from a team of consultants, experts, community representatives, and a skilled Steering Committee.

Three staff members at the Climate Protection Campaign deserve special recognition for their leadership in guiding the Plan to completion:

  • Dave Erickson, Technical Director, is the project “brain” who reviewed all of the technical documents, evaluated how they fit together, and assessed their contributions to the target. The Plan’s comprehensiveness is the direct result of Dave’s commitment, intelligence and integrity.
  • Alden Feldon, former Project Manager (now working with Local Governments for Sustainability), shepherded the input from fifty community representatives, and served as ad hoc editor and strategist as the Plan was undergoing most of its primary development.
  • Ann Hancock, Executive Director, held the editorial pieces together, massaged the technical details into an effective communication tool, and deftly served as the organizing hub for the many complex components of the Plan.

We would also like to thank the following for their financial support of the rollout and implementation of the Plan:

  • Bay Area Air Quality Management District
  • Clem Carinalli and Dennis Hunter
  • Community Foundation Sonoma County’s Schulz Donor Advised Fund
  • Fledgling Fund, Carolyn Johnson and Rick Theis
  • Irene and Steve Juniper
  • Law Office of Adrian & Gallenson

“It makes economic sense and it’s the right thing to do!”
— Mike Kerns, Chair, County of Sonoma Board of Supervisors

“Maybe this whole issue will save our economy.”
— Tim Smith, Supervisor, Third District, County of Sonoma

“This is change that can’t happen fast enough.”
— Terrance Davis, retired Community Bank President, business leader, father and grandfather.

“This Plan provides all of us who want to make these efforts a priority in our businesses and gives a roadmap to make changes.”
— Lisa Wittke Schaffner, Executive Director, Sonoma County Alliance

“I don’t suppose anyone would imagine that meeting the scientific imperative would be anything less than staggering.”
— Sam Pierce, Principal Engineer, Tellus Applied Sciences and former Mayor of Sebastopol

“With the global climate crisis facing us, let’s not repeat the inaction leading up to our current fiscal crisis.”
— Susan Moore, Community Activist