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Our Community Energy Resilience letter to the Governor’s Economic Recovery Task Force and more

Rooftop PV installation on the Forest County Potawatomi Tribe administration building
February 17, 2012 - Rooftop PV installation on the Forest County Potawatomi Tribe administration building in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Photo by Forest County Potawatomi Tribe)

Many thanks to the organizations which were able to quickly sign-on to the Community Energy Resilience letter to the Steyer Economic Recovery Task Force. Here is a link to the press release and final letter sent this past Friday. Also, here are links to Monday’s press coverage in Microgrid Knowledge and Solar Power World. We appreciate the opportunity to continue collaborating with other organizations statewide in our effort to transform California’s electricity system to becoming clean, affordable, resilient, equitable, and safe.

Community Energy Resilience is a collaborative statewide effort to fund and support local governments for planning and implementing decentralized clean energy microgrids, prioritizing lower-income communities. Here is a recent Cal Matters op-ed we co-authored. This effort is especially urgent as we face extended wildfire seasons and additional power blackouts.

The Climate Center is hosting a Community Energy Resilience webinar series with the next webinar coming up on June 24th. The series will culminate in an on-line Policy Summit on August 5th. Register here. You can view last week’s Community Energy Resilience for Local Governments webinar, held in partnership with the Statewide Energy Efficiency CollaborativeLocal Government Commissionhere.

Also, you can view our May 29th Climate Friday webinar on Community Energy Resilience: Empowering Local Communities with Amee Raval of the Asian Pacific Environmental Network and Kurt Johnson of The Climate Center here .

In other Community Energy Resilience news:

  • Last Thursday the CPUC issued a Decision in the microgrid proceeding which included recommendations The Climate Center and partners had filed to enhance utility collaboration with local governments.
  • The Decision should make it easier for local governments to access the utility data they need to engage in Community Energy Resilience planning.
  • The state budget for the upcoming fiscal year includes $50M for Community Power Resilience.
  • Senator Stern’s microgrid bill, SB1215, is still moving forward.