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Cocoa 4 Carpools

February 26th and 27th were great days for Sonoma County’s students. The county finally got some rain to help the grass turn green and we had five high schools going green as well with Cocoa 4 Carpools. Student leaders came together to encourage their peers to carpool,  and reduce their carbon footprint by bringing the ECO2school Cocoa 4 Carpools event to their high school campus.

Over 200 students who made the extra effort to carpool to school got to indulge in a free cup of warm hot chocolate. Students got extra marshmallows for going the extra mile and bringing their own cup! But the real treat was knowing they successfully reduced their schools carbon footprint and getting the chance to experience how easy and fun carpooling to school can be! Students who entered their carpool picture onto the ECO2school Instagram page were entered to win the ultimate carpool, a 5-Hour Executive Charters & Limousine Ride. Congratulations to pschills_33 our grand prize winner. You can see that photo and more at #eco2school #cocoa4carpools.

More opportunities for students to reduce their carbon footprint, socialize, and get free stuff are coming, so be on the lookout for the ECO2school green travel challenge this April.