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New Community Outreach Specialist, Stockton and San Joaquin County

Valeria SanabiaHello, my name is Valeria Sanabia! I am the new Community Outreach Specialist in Stockton and San Joaquin County. I’ve joined The Climate Center, an organization that is helping address economic and community needs through the implementation of Community Choice Energy. In our work together, we will work to ensure that San Joaquin County and Stockton remain key players in California’s economic and energy landscape.

As a member of the California Chamber of Commerce International Affairs and Corporate Relations teams I advocated for Californian Businesses to ensure their place in the international marketplace. In that time, I’ve had the opportunity of forming relationships with many people including foreign government representatives and business leaders in all industries to help keep Californian businesses relevant and innovative.

In the same way that I have helped build fruitful working relationships in my previous work, I look forward to helping foster energy innovation and elevating the standard of living for Stockton and San Joaquin County. As a native Stocktonian, I grew up in the heart of California with access to a breadth of diversity and learning to appreciate everything from bonfires under starry nights to city lights. It is imperative that as California moves forward, every sector and all people are included in that plan. With energy being such an important facet of business and civilian life, I want to ensure we are using energy in a way that serves all of our needs as a community.

Having come home recently, I am proud to see the momentum that has surged in order to move our region forward and capture state and national attention. Through Community Choice, we can efficiently direct capital into economic development and create long-term economic stability in our community to secure our families’ future. I want to help create a more sustainable and robust economy through the transformation of the energy sector so that we can remain versatile and become better positioned to integrate into the larger economic landscape in California. Together, I am sure we will find the best way to transform the way we use energy to serve us better.

If you live in Stockton or San Joaquin County and would like to contact me about Community Choice Energy and our work, please email me at Valeria[at]staging-theclimatecenter.org